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24/7 Drain Cleaning Services in Peterborough

Do you hear a gurgling sound when you drain water? This generally means something is blocking the passage of water and your drainage system is calling for a thorough inspection. With Trent Lakes Complete Plumbing Inc., you can get out of the mess caused by aggravated drains with our effective drain cleaning services in Peterborough. 

A blocked or damaged drain is a pain and if it is not treated promptly, it can quickly spiral up to urgent plumbing emergencies. That’s why our professionals offer their assistance 24/7 to avoid any kind of major damage to your property. Consider leaving your drain cleaning needs to our experienced staff if you encounter an abnormality with your drainage system. For quick and efficient drain cleaning service, reach out to us.

Clogged Drains: Causes and Prevention


Clogged Drains and blocked pipes might start as a minor issue but can lead to adverse problems with time. A clogged drain can cause slowing of water drainage, flooding, corrosion, and if the problem pertains, it might result in sewage backup and costly repairs. To prevent such conditions, the causes should be identified timely and necessary steps should be taken. Some common household causes and how you can fix them are listed below:

  • Hair: It can bind with grease and other sticky substances to result in clogs. To prevent blockage due to hair, ensure regular cleaning of the guards that can catch hair.
  • Dirt: Excess dirt washed out of your clothes and body can build up inside the drains. It is advised to rinse off the excess mud and dirt outside before washing them inside.
  • Food waste: Certain food items don’t break down and solidify in pipes leading to blockage. You should make sure that food waste does not go down the drain and is thrown in the dustbin appropriately.
  • Hard water: Minerals dissolved in hard water can build up and can cause insoluble masses that can easily block your drain. To prevent it, try installing a water softener or regularly descale and remove sediments from your drainage system with the help of professionals.
  • Small objects: Disposal of small objects in the drainage system can create havoc. Any object other than water, toilet paper and human waste should be responsibly disposed of in the trash, compost or recycling. If any foreign material goes down the drain, take professional help to get it fixed.

If your clogged drains turn into an emergency, call our experienced professionals who are available for assistance around the clock.

Why Trent Lakes Complete Plumbing Inc.?

Many homeowners will start working on their drains as soon as they find them clogged. Though it is a great step, it might aggravate the problems. The store-bought chemicals are harsh which doesn’t only unclog your drains but also weakens the pipes which might cause rupture and burst of the pipes. You should consider calling our professionals for drain cleaning services that are safer, cost-efficient and include guarantees too.

Our experts will provide you with free estimates, same-day service on your request, upfront pricing with no hidden costs and 100% satisfaction to all the clients. Read what our clients are saying about our services and connect with us if you would like to get your drains cleaned!

Contact Us Today!

At Trent Lakes Complete Plumbing Inc., our drain experts are professionally trained to handle any kind of drain and sewer problems. Whether you face difficulty in the bathroom or kitchen, we offer our services to get your drainage system working once again.

Contact us to get your job done right!

Clogged Drain?

Get the cleaning of your clogged kitchen and bathroom drains done by our experts.

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